Diversity statement, June 2020

As an international organization focused on building capacity and personal relationships among seabirders around the world, the World Seabird Union (WSU) remains committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also recognize, however, that discrimination and bias at the individual and institutional levels affect many of our colleagues worldwide. Recent events have highlighted the responsibility of all organizations, including ours, to do more to ensure that our structure and activities do not contribute to inequitable outcomes, particularly with respect to racial representation and equity. Therefore, in the coming weeks and months, the WSU will take additional steps to ensure that diversity, inclusion, and equity are core values of our organization:

(1) We will seek new ways of using our existing platforms for global outreach and education (, Twitter conferences, video projects, and Zoom forums) to support and amplify the science, experiences, and voices of our underrepresented colleagues,

(2) During the term of each Chair, the WSU Board of Directors will review our bylaws and operational guidance (including but not limited to governance, conferences, and committee activities) and subsequently revise each as needed to ensure diversity and inclusion are clearly among our core practices,

(3) The WSU will offer training and education materials on diversity and inclusion to Board Members, Officers, Committee Chairs, and Member Organizations, and,

(4) The WSU will establish a diversity and inclusion discussion board on to host and share materials, conversations, and experiences.

This statement and these actions are merely a starting point. As we continue to explore meaningful ways to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through the activities of WSU, we want to hear your thoughts and experiences. Please help us by offering suggestions and guidance for both short- and long-term growth in diversity and inclusion for WSU. We can be contacted at or Please visit and check your email and twitter feed for additional information (@WSUChair, @Seabirders).

This statement and these proposed actions were unanimously approved by the Board of the World Seabird Union, June 2020.