We are excited to announce the launch of our new website!

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WSU Mission Statement

The World Seabird Union's mission is to place seabird research, management, and conservation into a worldwide perspective. Our vision is to aid in creating global partnerships that will continue into the future by sharing research, knowledge, and ideas on a global level.


The World Seabird Union was founded during the 1st World Seabird Conference, and has continued to operate by way of volunteers who have dedicated their lives to the study and protection of seabirds.



WSU by-laws


The main communications and facilitation platform for WSU is the website you are visiting right now! The concept for seabirds.net began in 2007 with Scott Hatch, who developed an initial baseline website that would act as an informational page for global seabird happenings. In 2010, this was given to Grant Humphries, who has been acting as webmaster since then. A new site was designed and launched by Dragonfly Data Science in 2012, and content was edited by Grant Humphries and a rotating team of early career researchers from the seabird community. In 2019, Grant, working for Hidef aerial surveying ltd. re-designed and upgraded the site. Maintenance and content editing will be maintained by Black bawks data science ltd. with a team of volunteers from the seabird community