Seabird sessions

Seabird sessions is a lightweight discussion series on cool seabird research!

Our aims are to bring together the seabird community for online casual conversations and to chat with some really clever scientists from all over the globe.


Our next seabird session is TBA

Join David Grémillet, Grant Humphries and Marianna Chimienti on ZOOM to discuss the latest and greatest in seabird research!. During every session, David, Grant and Marianna will briefly introduce a few recent seabird papers and discuss them with the authors with a Q&A session from viewers.

Our first session on April 1st, 2020 brought in 60 participants from around the world!

October 27 papers

Reyes‐González, J.M., De Felipe, F., Morera‐Pujol, V., Soriano‐Redondo, A., Navarro‐Herrero, L., Zango, L., García‐Barcelona, S., Ramos, R. and González‐Solís, J., 2021. Sexual segregation in the foraging behaviour of a slightly dimorphic seabird: Influence of the environment and fishery activity. Journal of Animal Ecology, 90(5), pp.1109-1121.

De Pascalis, F., Pala, D., Pisu, D., Morinay, J., Benvenuti, A., Spano, C., Ruiu, A., Serra, L., Rubolini, D. and Cecere, J.G., 2021. Searching on the edge: dynamic oceanographic features increase foraging opportunities in a small pelagic seabird. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 668, pp.121-132.

June 2 paper

Danckwerts, D.K., Humeau, L., Pinet, P., McQuaid, C.D. and Le Corre, M., 2021. Extreme philopatry and genetic diversification at unprecedented scales in a seabird. Scientific Reports, 11(1), pp.1-12.

May 12th papers

Serratosa, J., Hyrenbach, K.D., Miranda-Urbina, D., Portflitt-Toro, M., Luna, N. and Luna-Jorquera, G., 2020. Environmental drivers of seabird at-sea distribution in the Eastern South Pacific Ocean: assemblage composition across a longitudinal productivity gradient. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6, p.838.

Lieber, L., Langrock, R. and Nimmo-Smith, W.A.M., 2021. A bird's-eye view on turbulence: seabird foraging associations with evolving surface flow features. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 288(1949), p.20210592.

April 28th papers

Carr, P., Trevail, A., Bárrios, S., Clubbe, C., Freeman, R., Koldewey, H.J., Votier, S.C., Wilkinson, T. and Nicoll, M.A., 2021. Potential benefits to breeding seabirds of converting abandoned coconut plantations to native habitats after invasive predator eradication. Restoration Ecology, p.e13386.

Ramírez, F., Chiaradia, A., O'Leary, D.A. and Reina, R.D., 2021. Making the most of the old age: Autumn breeding as an extra reproductive investment in older seabirds. Ecology and Evolution.

April 1 paper

Beal, M., Dias, M.P., Phillips, R.A., Oppel, S., Hazin, C., Pearmain, E.J., Adams, J., Anderson, D.J., Antolos, M., Arata, J.A. and Arcos, J.M., 2021. Global political responsibility for the conservation of albatrosses and large petrels. Science Advances, 7(10), p.eabd7225.

March 19th papers

Warwick-Evans, V., Santora, J., Waggitt, J.J., and Trathan, P.N. 2021. Multi-scale assessment of distribution and density of procellariiform seabirds within the Northern Antarctic Peninsula marine ecosystem. ICES Journal of Marine Science. fsab020

Dupuis, B., Amélineau, F., Tarroux, A., Bjørnstad, O., Bråthen, V.S., Danielsen, J., Descamps, S., Fauchald, P., Hallgrimsson, G.T., Hansen, E.S. and Helberg, M., 2021. Light-level geolocators reveal spatial variations in interactions between northern fulmars and fisheries. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

February 26th papers

Studwell, A., Hines, E., Nur, N. and Jahncke, J., 2021. Using habitat risk assessment to assess disturbance from maritime activities to inform seabird conservation in a coastal marine ecosystem. Ocean & Coastal Management, 199, p.105431.

Arimitsu, M., Piatt, J., Hatch, S., Suryan, R.M., Batten, S., Bishop, M.A., Campbell, R.W., Coletti, H., Cushing, D., Gorman, K. and Hopcroft, R.R., 2021. Heatwave‐induced synchrony within forage fish portfolio disrupts energy flow to top pelagic predators. Global Change Biology.

February 17th papers

Korpela, J., Suzuki, H., Matsumoto, S., Mizutani, Y., Samejima, M., Maekawa, T., Nakai, J. and Yoda, K., 2020. Machine learning enables improved runtime and precision for bio-loggers on seabirds. Communications biology, 3(1), pp.1-9.

Glemarec, G., Kindt-Larsen, L., Lundgaard, L.S. and Larsen, F., 2020. Assessing seabird bycatch in gillnet fisheries using electronic monitoring. Biological Conservation, 243, p.108461.

January 27th papers

Kroeger, C.E., Crocker, D.E., Orben, R.A., Thompson, D.R., Torres, L.G., Sagar, P.M., Sztukowski, L.A., Andriese, T., Costa, D.P. and Shaffer, S.A., 2020. Similar foraging energetics of two sympatric albatrosses despite contrasting life histories and wind-mediated foraging strategies. Journal of Experimental Biology, 223(23).

Lempidakis, E., Ross, A.N., Borger, L., and Shepard E.L.C. PRE-PRINT. Airflow modelling predicts seabird breeding habitat across islands. PRE-PRINT

January 13th 2021 papers

Lalla, K.M., Whelan, S., Brown, K., Patterson, A., Jimenez, A.G., Hatch, S.A. and Elliott, K.H., 2020. Accelerometry predicts muscle ultrastructure and flight capabilities in a wild bird. Journal of Experimental Biology, 223(22).

Strycker, N., Wethington, M., Borowicz, A., Forrest, S., Witharana, C., Hart, T. and Lynch, H.J., 2020. A global population assessment of the Chinstrap penguin (Pygoscelis antarctica). Scientific reports, 10(1), pp.1-11.

December 30th papers

Albert, C., Helgason, H.H., Brault-Favrou, M., Robertson, G.J., Descamps, S., Amélineau, F., Danielsen, J., Dietz, R., Elliott, K., Erikstad, K.E. and Eulaers, I., 2020. Seasonal variation of mercury contamination in Arctic seabirds: a pan-arctic assessment. Science of the Total Environment, 750, p.142201.

Bourdages, M.P., Provencher, J.F., Baak, J.E., Mallory, M.L. and Vermaire, J.C., 2020. Breeding seabirds as vectors of microplastics from sea to land: Evidence from colonies in Arctic Canada. Science of The Total Environment, p.142808.

December 16 papers

Will, A., Takahashi, A., Thiebot, J.B., Martinez, A., Kitaiskaia, E., Britt, L., Nichol, D., Murphy, J., Dimond, A., Tsukamoto, S. and Nishizawa, B., 2020. The breeding seabird community reveals that recent sea ice loss in the Pacific Arctic does not benefit piscivores and is detrimental to planktivores. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, p.104902.

Kuletz, K., Cushing, D. and Labunski, E., 2020. Distributional shifts among seabird communities of the Northern Bering and Chukchi seas in response to ocean warming during 2017-2019. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, p.104913.

November 25 papers

De La Peña-Lastra, S., 2020. Seabird droppings: Effects on a global and local level. Science of The Total Environment, p.142148.

Groff, D.V., Hamley, K.M., Lessard, T.J., Greenawalt, K.E., Yasuhara, M., Brickle, P. and Gill, J.L., 2020. Seabird establishment during regional cooling drove a terrestrial ecosystem shift 5000 years ago. Science advances, 6(43), p.eabb2788.

November 11 papers

Saraux, C., Sydeman, W.J., Piatt, J.F., Anker‐Nilssen, T., Hentati‐Sundberg, J., Bertrand, S., Cury, P.M., Furness, R.W., Mills, J.A., Österblom, H. and Passuni, G., 2020. Seabird‐induced natural mortality of forage fish varies with fish abundance: Evidence from five ecosystems. Fish and Fisheries.

Hentati‐Sundberg, J., Olin, A.B., Evans, T.J., Isaksson, N., Berglund, P.A. and Olsson, O., A mechanistic framework to inform the spatial management of conflicting fisheries and top predators. Journal of Applied Ecology.

October 21 papers

Rodrigues, P. and Micael, J., 2020. The importance of guano birds to the Inca Empire and the first conservation measures implemented by humans. Ibis.

September 2 papers

Stewart, L.G., Lavers, J.L., Grant, M.L., Puskic, P.S. and Bond, A.L., 2020. Seasonal ingestion of anthropogenic debris in an urban population of gulls. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 160, p.111549.

Thomas, D.B., Tennyson, A.J., Scofield, R.P., Heath, T.A., Pett, W. and Ksepka, D.T., 2020. Ancient crested penguin constrains timing of recruitment into seabird hotspot. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 287(1932), p.20201497.

August 26th papers

Collet, J. and Weimerskirch, H., 2020. Albatrosses can memorize locations of predictable fishing boats but favour natural foraging. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 287(1932), p.20200958.

Osborne, O.E., Hara, P.D., Whelan, S., Zandbergen, P., Hatch, S.A. and Elliott, K.H., 2020. Breeding seabirds increase foraging range in response to an extreme marine heatwave. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 646, pp.161-173.

August 19th papers

Muzaffar, S.B., 2020. Socotra Cormorants in the Arabian Gulf: a review of breeding biology, feeding ecology, movements and conservation. Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management, (just-accepted), pp.1-9.

Cavallo, C., Chiaradia, A., Deagle, B.E., Hays, G.C., Jarman, S., McInnes, J.C., Ropert‐Coudert, Y., Sánchez, S. and Reina, R.D., 2020. Quantifying prey availability using the foraging plasticity of a marine predator, the little penguin. Functional Ecology.

August 12th papers

Bastos, R., Martins, B., Cabral, J.A., Ceia, F.R., Ramos, J.A., Paiva, V.H., Luís, A. and Santos, M., 2020. Oceans of stimuli: an individual-based model to assess the role of olfactory cues and local enhancement in seabirds’ foraging behaviour. Animal Cognition, pp.1-14.

Bowler, E., Fretwell, P.T., French, G. and Mackiewicz, M., 2020. Using Deep Learning to Count Albatrosses from Space: Assessing Results in Light of Ground Truth Uncertainty. Remote Sensing, 12(12), p.2026.

July 29th papers

Wille, M., Harvey, E., Shi, M., Gonzalez-Acuña, D., Holmes, E.C. and Hurt, A.C., 2020. Sustained RNA virome diversity in Antarctic penguins and their ticks. The ISME Journal, pp.1-15.

Lu, Y., Roby, D.D., Fan, Z., Chan, S., Lyons, D.E., Hong, C.H., Wang, S., Yang, J., Zhou, X., Chen, D. and Yuan, H.W., 2020. Creating a conservation network: Restoration of the critically endangered Chinese crested tern using social attraction. Biological Conservation, 248, p.108694.

July 22nd papers

Santora, J.A., LaRue, M.A. and Ainley, D.G., Geographic structuring of Antarctic penguin populations. Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Courbin, N., Chinho, T., Pichegru, L., Verma-Grémillet, A., Péron, C., Ryan, P.G. and Grémillet, D., 2020. The dance of the Cape gannet may contain social information on foraging behaviour. Animal Behaviour, 166, pp.95-108.

July 15th papers

Carpenter-Kling, T., Pistorius, P., Reisinger, R., Cherel, Y. and Connan, M., 2020. A critical assessment of marine predator isoscapes within the southern Indian Ocean. Movement Ecology, 8(1), pp.1-18.

Watanabe, Y.Y., Ito, K., Kokubun, N. and Takahashi, A., 2020. Foraging behavior links sea ice to breeding success in Antarctic penguins. Science Advances, 6(26), p.eaba4828.

July 8 papers

Geary, B., Leberg, P.L., Purcell, K.M., Walter, S.T. and Karubian, J., 2020. Breeding Brown pelicans improve foraging performance as energetic needs Rise. Scientific reports, 10(1), pp.1-9.

Anderson Hansen, K., Hernandez, A., Mooney, T.A., Rasmussen, M.H., Sørensen, K. and Wahlberg, M., 2020. The common murre (Uria aalge), an auk seabird, reacts to underwater sound. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 147(6), pp.4069-4074.

July 1 papers

Price, C.A., Hartmann, K., Emery, T.J., Woehler, E.J., McMahon, C.R. and Hindell, M.A., 2020. Climate variability and breeding parameters of a transhemispheric migratory seabird over seven decades. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 642, pp.191-205.

Wynn, J., Padget, O., Mouritsen, H., Perrins, C. and Guilford, T., 2020. Natal imprinting to the Earth’s magnetic field in a pelagic seabird. Current Biology.

June 24 papers

Benkwitt, C.E., Wilson, S.K. and Graham, N.A., 2020. Biodiversity increases ecosystem functions despite multiple stressors on coral reefs. Nature Ecology & Evolution, pp.1-8.

Quach, L., Miller, A.E., Hogan, B.G. and Stoddard, M.C., 2020. Egg patterns as identity signals in colonial seabirds: a comparison of four alcid species. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution.

June 17 papers

Ramos, R., Paiva, V.H., Zajková, Z., Precheur, C., Fagundes, A.I., Jodice, P.G., Mackin, W., Zino, F., Bretagnolle, V. and González-Solís, J., 2020. Spatial ecology of closely related taxa: the case of the little shearwater complex in the North Atlantic Ocean. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Towers, J.R. and Gasco, N., Giant petrels (Macronectes spp.) prey on depredating sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus).

April 8 papers

Carneiro, A.P., Pearmain, E.J., Oppel, S., Clay, T.A., Phillips, R.A., Bonnet‐Lebrun, A.S., Wanless, R.M., Abraham, E., Richard, Y., Rice, J. and Handley, J., 2020. A framework for mapping the distribution of seabirds by integrating tracking, demography and phenology. Journal of Applied Ecology.

Tanaka, K., Watanuki, Y., Takada, H., Ishizuka, M., Yamashita, R., Kazama, M., Hiki, N., Kashiwada, F., Mizukawa, K., Mizukawa, H. and Hyrenbach, D., 2020. In Vivo Accumulation of Plastic-Derived Chemicals into Seabird Tissues. Current Biology, 30(4), pp.723-728.

April 15 papers

Savoca, M.S., Brodie, S., Welch, H., Hoover, A., Benaka, L.R., Bograd, S.J. and Hazen, E.L., 2020. Comprehensive bycatch assessment in US fisheries for prioritizing management. Nature Sustainability, pp.1-9.

Delord, K., Kato, A., Tarroux, A., Orgeret, F., Cotté, C., Ropert-Coudert, Y., Cherel, Y. and Descamps, S., 2020. Antarctic petrels ‘on the ice rocks’: wintering strategy of an Antarctic seabird. Royal Society Open Science, 7(4), p.191429.

April 22 papers

Dunn, R.E., Wanless, S., Daunt, F., Harris, M.P. and Green, J.A., 2020. A year in the life of a North Atlantic seabird: behavioural and energetic adjustments during the annual cycle. Scientific reports, 10(1), pp.1-11.

Russell, J.C., Peace, J.E., Houghton, M.J., Bury, S.J. and Bodey, T.W., 2020. Systematic prey preference by introduced mice exhausts the ecosystem on Antipodes Island. Biological Invasions, 22(4), pp.1265-1278.

April 29 papers

Levy, H., Fiddaman, S.R., Vianna, J.A., Noll, D., Clucas, G.V., Sidhu, J.K., Polito, M.J., Bost, C.A., Phillips, R.A., Crofts, S. and Miller, G.D., 2020. Evidence of pathogen-induced immunogenetic selection across the large geographic range of a wild seabird. Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Assali, C., Bez, N. and Tremblay, Y., Raking the ocean surface: new patterns of coordinated motion in seabirds. Journal of Avian Biology.

May 6 papers:

Bond, A.L. and Lavers, J.L., 2020. Biological archives reveal contrasting patterns in trace element concentrations in pelagic seabird feathers over more than a century. Environmental Pollution, p.114631.

Padget, O., Stanley, G., Willis, J.K., Fayet, A.L., Bond, S., Maurice, L., Shoji, A., Dean, B., Kirk, H., Juarez-Martinez, I. and Freeman, R., 2019. Shearwaters know the direction and distance home but fail to encode intervening obstacles after free-ranging foraging trips. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(43), pp.21629-21633.

May 13 papers

Lamb, J.S., Satgé, Y.G. and Jodice, P.G., 2020. Seasonal variation in environmental and behavioural drivers of annual‐cycle habitat selection in a nearshore seabird. Diversity and Distributions, 26(2), pp.254-266.

Jones, T.B., Green, J.A., Patrick, S.C., Evans, J.C., Wells, M.R., Rodríguez‐Malagón, M.A. and Arnould, J.P., 2020. Consistent sociality but flexible social associations across temporal and spatial foraging contexts in a colonial breeder. Ecology letters.

May 20 papers

Pan, H., Cole, T.L., Bi, X., Fang, M., Zhou, C., Yang, Z., Ksepka, D.T., Hart, T., Bouzat, J.L., Argilla, L.S. and Bertelsen, M.F., 2019. High-coverage genomes to elucidate the evolution of penguins. GigaScience, 8(9), p.giz117.

Dunphy, B.J., Vickers, S., Zhang, J., Sagar, R.L., Landers, J., Bury, S.J., Hickey, A.J.R. and Rayner, M.J., 2020. Seabirds as environmental indicators: foraging behaviour and ecophysiology of common diving petrels (Pelecanoides urinatrix) reflect local‑scale differences in prey availability. Marine Biology, 167(4).

May 27 papers

Seward, A., Taylor, R.C., Perrow, M.R., Berridge, R.J., Bowgen, K.M., Dodd, S., Johnstone, I. and Bolton, M., Effect of GPS tagging on behaviour and marine distribution of breeding Arctic Terns Sterna paradisaea. Ibis.

Jakubas, D., Wojczulanis-Jakubas, K., Iliszko, L.M., Kidawa, D., Boehnke, R., Błachowiak-Samołyk, K. and Stempniewicz, L., 2020. Flexibility of little auks foraging in various oceanographic features in a changing Arctic. Scientific Reports, 10(1), pp.1-18.

June 3 papers

Zhou, C., Brothers, N., Browder, J. and Jiao, Y., 2020. Seabird bycatch loss rate variability in pelagic longline fisheries. Biological Conservation, 247, p.108590.

Meitern, R., Fort, J., Giraudeau, M., Rattiste, K., Sild, E. and Sepp, T., Age‐dependent expression of cancer‐related genes in a long‐lived seabird. Evolutionary Applications.

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