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An informal chat about life, careers, and everything in between

Each month, we'll focus on a different topic of interest to early-career seabirders, and we'll invite senior scientists for informal conversations about their own career paths and insights. Feel free to join us whether you are early-career or early-career at heart.

Details of our past and upcoming meetings are listed below; if you'd like to suggest a future topic or guest, contact Juliet via e-mail (jslamb at URI dot edu) or Twitter (@project_pelican)

Next Meeting: 24 August 2021

Drs. Grant and Alex Humphries

Nest dynamics of a seabirder family

Tuesday 24 August, 1800 h UTC

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82582509909?pwd=Slp5L2FkMm1hajA1NG1zTHltY3cwZz09


Grant Humphries and Alex (Robbins) Humphries are seabird biologists based in the Scottish Highlands and co-founders of the Bonavista Bay Marine Monitoring Program. Grant is also the director of Black Bawks data science, lead data scientist at HiDef Aerial Surveying, and director of Science for Oceanites Inc., while Alex is a Marine Ornithologist and Policy Officer with Scottish Natural Heritage. They met while conducting seabird research, and have since married and had two children while simultaneously pursuing parallel careers in seabird research and conservation. They will discuss their own career trajectories and the challenges of balancing personal and professional goals as a dual-career seabird couple.

Past Meetings

July 2021 - Dr. Lindsay Young, Pacific Rim Conservation (non-profit careers)

May 2021 - Dr. Rachael Orben, Oregon State University (working as a research professor)

April 2021 - Dr. Kyle Elliott, McGill University (undergraduates in seabird research)

March 2021 - Dr. Rob Thomas, Cardiff University (long-term studies)

February 2021 - Dr. Alex Bond, Natural History Museum (museum collections)

January 2021 - Dr. Adrian Gall, ABR Inc. (careers in consulting)

Upcoming events

Next meeting: Tuesday 24 August, 1800 UTC