Welcome to the ECS Coffee Hour

An informal chat about life, careers, and everything in between

Each month, we'll focus on a different topic of interest to early-career seabirders, and we'll invite senior scientists for informal conversations about their own career paths and insights. Feel free to join us whether you are early-career or early-career at heart.

Details of our past and upcoming meetings are listed below; if you'd like to suggest a future topic or guest, contact Juliet via e-mail (jslamb at URI dot edu) or Twitter (@project_pelican)

Next Meeting: 26 April 2021

Dr. Kyle Elliott, McGill University

Involving undergraduates in seabird research

Monday 26 April, 1900h UTC

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88978720891?pwd=L1pBckZDYzF5KzVkNmtGTG9WcmJnZz09


Kyle Elliott studies seabirds and other top predators as indicators of the impacts of climate change and development on Arctic ecosystems as a Canada Research Chair in Arctic Ecology (http://www.arcticecology.ca/, @ArcticEcology). His research is highly collaborative and involves a large group of post-doctoral and graduate researchers and undergraduate (honours) students working on various aspects of seabird ecology across North America. Our discussion will focus on undergraduate mentoring from fieldwork through publication. Join us if you're a grad student or post-doc looking to develop your mentoring skills, or an undergraduate hoping to get involved in seabird research or reflect on your own experiences!

Past Meetings

March 2021 - Dr. Rob Thomas, Cardiff University (long-term studies)

February 2021 - Dr. Alex Bond, Natural History Museum (museum collections)

January 2021 - Dr. Adrian Gall, ABR Inc. (careers in consulting)

Upcoming events

Next meeting: Monday 26 April, 1900 UTC