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An informal chat about life, careers, and everything in between

Each month, we'll focus on a different topic of interest to early-career seabirders, and we'll invite senior scientists for informal conversations about their own career paths and insights. Feel free to join us whether you are early-career or early-career at heart.

Details of our past and upcoming meetings are listed below; if you'd like to suggest a future topic or guest, contact Juliet via e-mail (jslamb at URI dot edu) or Twitter (@project_pelican)

Next Meeting: 24 May 2021

Dr. Rachael Orben, Oregon State University

Developing and funding seabird biologging studies

Monday 24 April, 1700h UTC

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88978720891?pwd=L1pBckZDYzF5KzVkNmtGTG9WcmJnZz09


Rachael Orben (@RachaelOrben) is the leader of the Seabird Oceanography Lab and an Assistant Professor - Senior Research at Oregon State University. Her work focuses on understanding seabird movement patterns and using bird-borne tracking devices to sample oceanographic conditions. This discussion will focus on her experiences as an early-career research faculty member, as well as developing and funding biologging studies.

Past Meetings

April 2021 - Dr. Kyle Elliott, McGill University (undergraduates in seabird research)

March 2021 - Dr. Rob Thomas, Cardiff University (long-term studies)

February 2021 - Dr. Alex Bond, Natural History Museum (museum collections)

January 2021 - Dr. Adrian Gall, ABR Inc. (careers in consulting)

Upcoming events

Next meeting: Monday 24 May, 1700 UTC