Looking for advice correcting time drift in Lotek LAT2800 tags

emily-runnellsEmily Runnells
  • 1 May '23

Hello World Seabird community,
My labmates and I are looking for help from anyone that has worked with data downloaded from Lotek LAT2800 tags (GLS-TDR).
Most of our tags experienced time drift, but several of those were quite extreme (9 hours to several days).
We were able to apply a linear adjustment with apparent success to those tags that only experienced a time drift of up to several hours, but the linear adjustment for the tags with much greater time drift did not seem to fix the issue, when looking at raw light level values plotted over time.
We had reached out to Lotek when we initially examined these data at the end of last summer but at the time their suggestion was limited to conducting a linear adjustment.
Has anyone else experienced similar issues? How did you resolve these issues?
Thank you for any advice or connecting us with someone who may have advice.