ONLINE COURSE – Bayesian GLM’s For Ecologists (BGFE01)

oliver-hookerOliver Hooker
  • 10 May '22

ONLINE COURSE – Bayesian GLM’s For Ecologists (BGFE01) This course will be delivered live


This short course is aimed at introducing researchers to analysing ecological and environmental data with Bayesian GLMs using R. Theory underpinning Bayesian inference will be discussed, as well as analytical methods and statistical interpretation. Sessions will be a blend of interactive demonstrations and lectures, where learners will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout. Prior to the course, attendees will receive R script and datasets and a list of R packages to install.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to:

Recognise the distinction between frequentist and Bayesian approaches to model fitting
Apply data exploration techniques and avoid the common pitfalls in tackling a data analysis
Apply a 9-step protocol to fitting Bayesian GLMs
Understand and apply alternative approaches to model selection
Apply statistical modelling methods to ecological data using Bayesian GLMs

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