Phoebastria irrorata

Common names:

Waved Albatross

Categorical information

red list criteria IUCN status Year assessed Global population trend Breeding distribution Nest locations Hatchling type Foraging distance
B2ab(v) CR 2014 decreasing Tr O,SI SP None

Numeric information

Data in the below table is presented as the mean and the upper and lower values (min and max in parentheses). Values of "na" indicate that the data are not available.

Female mass (kg) Male mass (kg) Wingspan (cm) Age of first breeding (yrs) Clutch size Maximum age (yr) Annual survival (%)
3.5 (na/na) 3.5 (na/na) na (230.0/240.0) 8.3 (na/na) 1.0 (na/na) 40.0 95.0 (na/na)