Ms Wieteke Holthuijzen

Introduction: My research interest lies in the nexus of nature and human presence, especially of seemingly remote flora and fauna that are still affected by human activities. I seek to study the interactions and relationships among abiotic and biotic factors of islands; the threats that face these unique ecosystems (including invasive species, anthropogenic impacts, and climate change); and how to maximize island ecosystem recovery. To reach this goal I have obtained a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, and plan to continue my education with an M.S. degree in a related area, specifically studying the impacts of island biota (such as seabirds) upon their terrestrial ecosystems (and vice versa) with applications for island ecosystem recovery, habitat restoration, and wildlife conservation.

Institute: Northern Illinois University

Position: Graduate Fellow

Twitter: @ExplorerWieteke

I am from: United States of America

I live in: United States of America

Seabirds I study: Albatross, Boobies, Frigatebirds, Petrels, Shearwaters, Shorebirds, Tropicbirds

My areas of research: Conservation biology, Ecology, Genetics, Population biology

You can contact me at: