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Organisation Description
Global Penguin Society The Global Penguin Society is dedicated to the survival and protection of the world´s penguin species, fostering integrated ocean conservation through science, management and community education.
BirdsCaribbean The overarching goal of the BirdsCaribbean is to increase the capacity of Caribbean ornithologists, resource managers, conservation organizations, institutions, and local citizens to conserve the birds of the Caribbean and their habitats.
Atlantic Marine Bird Cooperative Since 2005, the AMBC has provided an open, collaborative forum for resource managers, research scientists, and other professionals to collaborate on marine bird conservation in coastal and offshore ecosystems of Eastern North America. We identify and address research needs and management issues in an effort to promote long-term viability of our unique avian community, and partner with other stakeholders to minimize threats to critical coastal and marine habitats on which marine birds depend.
Birds New Zealand Birds New Zealand is committed to the study of birds and their habitat use within New Zealand through encouraging members and organising projects and schemes. Activities are organised at both the national and regional level, with 20 regions providing a local network for members to engage in bird studies. We promote the recording and wide circulation of the results of bird studies and observations through the production of a scientific journal and other publications promoting birds in New Zealand. Birds New Zealand seeks to assist the conservation and management of birds by providing information, from which sound management decisions can be derived.
Indian Ocean Seabird Group Studying seabirds in the Indian Ocean
The Waterbird Society The Waterbird Society is composed of biologists, researchers, conservationists, students, and others interested in the behavior, ecology, and conservation of waterbirds. The organization is administered by four officers and nine council members elected from the Society’s membership, which includes people from 31 countries. The Society is a member of the Ornithological Societies of North America (OSNA) and a contributing member of many other scientific societies worldwide, including American Bird Conservancy and The Ornithological Council.
Royal Naval Birdwatching Society Established in 1946 to help and encourage members serving in the RN, RM and WRNS, in the observation and study of birds at sea, the RNBWS has widened its membership to include all those interested in bird watching and who share a common background – the sea itself. Membership (including many from overseas averages 250, including offshore oil industry, passengers on cruise liners and yachtsmen. Reports received cover most sea areas of the world.
Peruvian Association for the Conservation of Nature La Asociación Peruana para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (APECO) es una asociación civil sin fines de lucro que desde su fundación, en 1982, fomenta la toma de conciencia de temas como la conservación de la biodiversidad y el desarrollo sostenible en el Perú. APECO promueve el desarrollo de capacidades locales y regionales para consolidar la gestión pública de las áreas protegidas nacionales y regionales y la cogestión de reservas comunales; así como la gestión comunal de áreas de conservación privada.
Pacific Seabird Group The Pacific Seabird Group (PSG) is a society of professional seabird researchers and managers dedicated to the study and conservation of seabirds. PSG was formed in 1972 out of a need for increased communication among academic and government seabird researchers.
Circumpolar Seabird Group (CBird) The Circumpolar Seabird Expert Group (CBird) promotes, facilitates, and coordinates conservation, management and research activities among circumpolar countries and improves communication between seabird scientists and managers inside and outside the Arctic.
Birdlife Global Seabird Programme BirdLife International is a global partnership of conservation organisations (NGOs) that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. Together we are 121 BirdLife Partners worldwide – one per country or territory – and growing.
ABC Seabird Program Our fearless approach to conservation drives all that we do, and the results are measurable. We’ve made significant strides to safeguard rare birds, conserve important bird habitat, reduce top threats to birds, and build an Americas-wide community of bird conservationists.
The Seabird Group The Seabird Group was founded almost 50 years ago and is a registered charity that promotes and co-ordinates the study of and conservation of seabirds.
Medmaravis MEDMARAVIS is an association of seabird researchers and conservationists dedicated to the study and conservation of coastal habitats and marine fauna in the Mediterranean region.
The Dutch Seabird Group The Dutch Seabird Group aims to be a bonding mechanism between amateur and professional seabird researchers nationally and internationally and strives to disseminate seabird information to non-governmental groups and policy makers that are dealing with the marine environment.
Australasian Seabird Group The ASG is a society of seabird researchers, managers and individuals dedicated to the study, enjoyment and conservation of seabirds and their habitats. The ASG will promote seabird research, advocacy and conservation in Australasia and for the oceans these birds utilize.
African Seabird Group The African Seabird Group is dedicated to the study and conservation of seabirds in Africa.
Waterbird Conservation for the Americas Conservation requires a broad range activities over a huge geographical area, multiple scales of planning and implementation, and the involvement numerous partners from government and nongovernmental organizations, from the scientific community, and from local citizenry. The Waterbird Conservation for the Americas initiative was launched to facilitate and guide these activities.
Aves Argentinas Aves Argentinas es la organización nacional que, compuesta por más de 3000 socios y con más de 102 años de vida protege las aves silvestres y la naturaleza de Argentina. Somos miembros de BirdLife International, la red internacional de organizaciones dedicadas a la conservación de la naturaleza más grande del mundo.