ONLINE COURSE – Movement Ecology (MOVE05)

oliver-hookerOliver Hooker
  • 11 Nov

ONLINE COURSE – Movement Ecology (MOVE05)

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13th - 17th March 2023

This a 100% live course, attendees will be guided through practicals by both instructors to ensure you get the most from their experience.

The course will cover the concepts, technology and software tools that can be used to analyse movement data (from ringing/CMR to VHF/GPS) in ecology and evolution. We will cover elementary and advanced analysis and modelling techniques broadly applicable across taxa, from micro-organisms to vertebrates, highlighting the advantages of a unified Movement Ecology framework. We will provide the necessary bases in ecology (especially behavioural ecology), physics and mathematics/statistics, to be able to identify for any specific research question the most appropriate study species, logging technology (incl. attachment methods), and statistical/mathematical modelling approach. We will specifically address the challenges and opportunities at each of the steps of the proposed ‘question-driven approach’, combining theory with computer-based practicals in R. We will also address the challenges of applying the results of the analyses to applied management problems and communicate the findings to non-experts.

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