Tropicbird Tag attachment

patrick-talbotPatrick Talbot
  • 17 May '22

Good day All,

I’m looking at attaching radio telemetry tags from CTT on White Tailed Tropicbirds. Recommendations were to use a leg loop harness; however, due to the posterior positioning of their legs, leg length, the habit of positing the legs backwards during flight and the fact these birds can plunge dive mean this attachment method will not work. I’m looking at using a modified chest loop combined with a leg loop but wanted to know if anyone out there has put telemetry tags on tropicbirds and, if so, what method did you use? I’m having trouble finding any papers…

Thank you for any advice,

Patrick Talbot
Bermuda Aquarium

elizabeth-schreiberElizabeth Schreiber
  • 2 Dec '22

A bit late seeing this Patrick. I put radio tags and watches on Red-tailed Tropicbirds' legs using tie wraps. Had great success. If you still want info, you can email me.
Betty Anne Schreiber