Making beautiful and effective maps in R (MAPR03)

oliver-hookerOliver Hooker
  • 10 Jan '22

Making beautiful and effective maps in R (MAPR03) 

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9th - 10th February 2022 

Course overview: The aim of the course is to show you how to use R to make pretty, yet appealing maps using the R programming language. Several R packages related to spatial data processing and visualization will be introduced during the course. The course will teach you how create publication-ready static maps, animated maps, interactive maps, and simple map applications using a mixture of lectures and computer exercises.

By the end of the course participants should:
1) Understand the basic concepts behind the tmap package
2) Be able to create a variety types of static maps, including raster maps, choropleth maps, and point maps
3) Know how to create interactive maps and simple map applications using the shiny package
4) Be able to create facet maps and map animations to represent spatiotemporal phenomenon
5) Know how to utilize  specific-purpose mapping packages to create cartograms or grid maps
6) Have the confidence to apply map making skills to their own projects

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Course program

Wednesday 9th – Classes from 09:30 to 17:30
Introduction to mapping packages in R
Making static maps
Applying point, lines, polygons, and raster map layers
Customizing maps
Creating interactive maps
Saving maps

Thursday 10th – Classes from 09:30 to 17:30
Making facet maps
Creating animated maps
Making inset maps
Using specific-purpose mapping packages
Creating simple map applications
Other mapping packages in R