Nine x 2day online R courses

oliver-hookerOliver Hooker
  • 2 Mar

We have just scheduled a re-run of our R series made up of nine 2 day
courses that can be taken independently or in sequence to build skills
necessary for the next course.

Please feel free to share.

Sorry for cross posting.


Introduction to statistics using R and Rstudio (IRRS03)
17th - 18th March

Introduction to generalised linear models using R and Rstudio (IGLM03)
24th - 25th March

Introduction to mixed models using R and Rstudio (IMMR04)
31st March - 1st April

Data visualization using GG plot 2 (R and Rstudio) (DVGG02)
7th - 8th April

5) NEW
Model selection and model simplification (MSMS01)
14th - 15th April

Data wrangling using R and Rstudio (DWRS02)
21st - 22nd April

7) NEW
Introduction/Fundamentals of Bayesian Data Analysis statistics using R (FBDA01)
19th - 20th May

8) NEW
Bayesian Approaches to Regression and Mixed Effects Models using R and
brms (BARM01)
26th - 27th May

9) NEW
Introduction to Stan for Bayesian Data Analysis (ISBD01)
2nd - 3rd June