Advanced Ecological Niche Modelling Using R (ANMR01)

oliver-hookerOliver Hooker
  • 6 Jan

Advanced Ecological Niche Modelling Using R (ANMR01) This course will be delivered live

Have you built an Ecological Niche Model (ENM) or Species Distribution Model (SDM)? If yes, you have already encountered challenges on data preparation, or have struggled with issues in models fitting and accuracy. This course will teach you how to overcome these challenges and improve the accuracy of your ecological niche models.

TIME ZONE – Western European Time – however all sessions will be recorded and made available allowing attendees from different time zones to follow a day behind with an additional 1/2 days support after the official course finish date (please email for full details or to discuss how we can accommodate you).

Course Overview:
Ecological niche, species distribution, habitat distribution, or climatic envelope models are different names for mechanistic and correlative models, which are empirical or mathematical approaches to the ecological niche of a species. These methods relate different types of ecogeographical variables to a species physiological data or geographical locations, in order to identify the factors limiting and defining the species’ niche. ENMs have become popular because of their efficiency in the design and implementation of conservation management.

By the end of 5-day practical course you will have the capacity to

1) filter records and select your variables with variance inflation factor;
2) test the effect of Maxent regularization parameter in models performance;
3) validate models performance and accuracy;
4) perform MESS analysis, null models, and mechanistic models, as well as to build your “virtual species”.
5) Students will learn to use functions implemented in the packages “usdm”; “dismo”; “ENMEval”; “SDMvspecies”; “spThin”; and “NicheMapper” among others.

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