2.5 year postdoc in Ireland

mark-jessoppMark Jessopp
  • 18 Dec '20

We are looking for a Post-Doctoral Researcher on the H2020 X-rotor project with an emphasis on seabirds, but also some desktop work on marine mammals and carbon life cycle. This is a 30 month post with salary range €38,630 - €45,942 p.a.

X-Rotor is a €3.9M H2020 funded project with project partners in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Norway aimed at developing new innovative offshore wind turbine design to reduce the cost of renewable power generation. University College Cork is responsible for assessing the environmental and social and economic impact of the XROTOR concept including investigating the impact of noise levels on sensitive marine species.

Considering the novel turbine design and levels of noise that the X-rotor will generate, the Post-Doctoral Researcher will conduct an analysis of collision risk for seabirds and investigate the effect of above-water noise on seabird behaviour. Seabirds have been shown to use auditory cues at-sea, and the Post-Doctoral Researcher will quantify noise levels and auditory cues used by seabirds using biologgers to inform models of turbine detectability and avoidance. The Post-Doctoral Researcher will also undertake a desktop study to compare marine mammal noise threshold values for auditory damage and behavioural responses to noise propagation models from operational turbines developed within the X-ROTOR programme. A further desk-based study on the lifecycle carbon assessment of both the X-Rotor and standard horizontal axis turbine concepts using the industry standard tool GaBi will also be conducted, and training in lifecycle analysis will be provided.

Applications must be made online through the University College Cork HR recruitment portal. Details available at the following link: https://ore.ucc.ie/pls/corerecruit/erq_jobspec_version_4.display_form?p_company=5023&p_internal_external=E&p_display_in_irish=N&p_applicant_no=&p_recruitment_id=042752&p_process_type=&p_form_profile_detail=&p_display_apply_ind=Y&p_refresh_search=Y