Assessing wild penguin welfare

rfreireRaf Freire
  • 26 Nov '20

Thank you to all the participants that have contributed to this survey on assessing wild penguin welfare. This is a reminder for anyone who would like to participate but has not yet done so, that this survey will close on the 4th December.

We are undertaking a project to develop a tool to assess wild penguin welfare. Information from this project will be used to begin to understand the impact of human actions on wild penguin welfare, and a tool will be made freely available based on our findings to assist you with how to consider penguin welfare in management and conservation decisions.

We are writing to invite you to undertake an online questionnaire that will present you with five hypothetical scenarios that describe the day of five penguins. You will be asked to score the impact of the events of each day on the penguin using the welfare assessment tool. Additionally, the questionnaire will also ask some general demographic questions to examine how scores differ between different groups of participants. No identifying information will be requested and care will be taken to ensure all responses are anonymous.

The link below will provide you with further information about the project and a SurveyMonkey questionnaire. The first page has further information on our study, and if you chose to participate, you will be asked to check a consent box that will take you to the questionnaire, which will take about 15 minutes to complete.

We thank you for your time,

A/Prof Raf Freire, Dr Melanie Massaro (both Charles Sturt University), Dr Phil Trathan OBE (British Antarctic Survey) and Prof Christine Nicol (The Royal Veterinary College)