Eukaryotic Metabarcoding

carlo-pecorarocarlo pecoraro
  • 11 Nov '19

Course: Eukaryotic-metabarcoding

When: 3-7 February 2020

Where: Free University (FU) Berlin

1) Dr. Vasco Elbrecht
2) Daniel Marquina


This course gives an overview of metabarcoding procedures with an
emphasis on practical problem-solving and hands-on work using analysis
pipelines on real datasets. After completing the course, students should
be in a position to (1) understand the potential and capabilities of
metabarcoding, (2) run complete analyses of metabarcoding pipelines and
obtain diversity inventories and ecologically interpretable data from
raw next-generation sequence data and (3) design their own metabarcoding
projects, including bioinformatic data analysis and planning of laboratory
work. All course materials (including copies of presentations, practical
exercises, data files, and example scripts prepared by the instructing
team) will be provided electronically to participants.

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