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Resources offers a variety of services to the Seabird community; professionals, students and enthusiasts.

Seabird Information Network

The Seabird Information Network is a network of databases which contain important information about the status of seabirds worldwide. These databases represent a substantial step towards the sharing of information around the world, which will have direct benefits towards the study and conservation of seabirds.

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PETREL (PErsonnel TRacker and E-List) is a directory of Seabird professionals and students that will allow users to search for others studying similar subjects, or species. This system will increase the presence of individual seabird researchers, and through the use of the Featured Researchers function on the main page, individual research will be highlighted. Users will also be able to upload photos and their own published articles that will be searchable.

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Seabird Research Blog

A seabird research blog, pertaining to seabird related news is now online! These are currently being written by Rebecca Mattson, and will be updated over time with new stories.

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Discussion Forum

Also available on is a Discussion forum for discussions revolving around seabird science. These will be moderated for harassing messages, but will be relatively liberal to encourage open discussions about methods, analysis, or another matters pertaining to seabird research. Currently this forum is linked through DISQUS, and users may login using their Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts. These posts can then be shared to your Facebook, Twitter or G+ walls.

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Birding at home

For the budding young birders, there are a number of links available to get you started. Check out these Bird watching tips submitted by Jill and Alyssa