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Storm-petrel volunteer Faroe Islands needed

Anne Ausems, May 14, 2019

I am looking for a volunteer field-assistant for a study of foraging ecology of European and Leach’s storm-petrels on the Faroe Islands from August 4th to August 19th 2019. This research is part of my Ph.D. project at the University of Gdańsk, Poland and will focus on the isotopic signatures and feather growth rates of the storm-petrels, to help determine their nutritional status, trophic levels and isotopic niches. During the study period, we will stay at the island of Mykines, Faroe Islands, and go on nightly mist netting trips. I am looking for a volunteer field-assistant who can help me carry equipment, set up nets and handle the birds. The fieldwork will be performed mostly at night. Experience with mist-netting and handling birds is highly appreciated, a strong work ethic is a must as we will work long, odd hours and the weather can be harsh (wind, cold, rain). Accommodation is provided; transportation and food are not. For more information and to apply please contact me (Anne Ausems, e-mail: Please attach a note on why you are interested in this position, a resume and contact information of at least one referee. I will try to respond to each application and choose a fitting candidate by the end of June 2019.