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Translocation workshop announcement

Dena Spatz, May 9, 2019

Dear Seabird Enthusiasts,

In May 2020, Pacific Rim Conservation will be hosting a free 2-3 day workshop on seabird translocation and social attraction in Kahuku, Hawaii (Oahu) with an emphasis on the nuts and bolts of field based translocation techniques. Participants will learn relevant background during the classroom component (1 day), and then get basic training in avian husbandry, diet preparation and hand feeding techniques during the field based component (1-2 days). The goal of this workshop is to increase capacity for organizations to conduct seabird translocations.

If you are interested, please take our survey, and we will add your e-mail to the list of interested participants:

The purpose of this survey is to determine the level of interest in this workshop so that we can plan accordingly for classroom space and topics to be covered. For more information on the project site we will be working on during this workshop, please visit If you have any questions, please e-mail us directly.


Lindsay and Dena