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Mechanisms by which extreme heat anomalies impact seabirds

John Piatt, March 27, 2019

John Piatt, Brad Congdon, Peter Dann and Bill Sydeman are proposing this symposium for the WSC3 in Tasmania. Following is a summary of our proposal. If you are interested in participating, shoot me a tentative title for your presentation. Email directly to:

The impact of extreme heat waves on seabirds has been manifested widely in a variety of biological and behavioural phenomena, including mass mortality events, reproductive failures, reduced survival, shifts in phenology of breeding or migration, and shifts in distribution at sea. However, the actual mechanisms by which heat waves affect seabirds are not as well described. In this symposium, we invite presentations that propose or demonstrate specific mechanisms of extreme heat impact. For example, physiological response of seabirds to anomalous heating during nesting, including secondary effects of rainfall, drought, or disease on nesting success; changes in oceanography, productivity, forage nekton abundance and distribution, or forage composition and quality; competitive competition with large predatory fish and marine mammals; and any other mechanisms which ultimately lead to the more conspicuous responses of seabirds to extreme heating.