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Position in NZ: Penguin Research & Conservation Coordinator

Thomas Mattern, January 21, 2019

Job title: Penguin Research & Conservation Coordinator

Employer: T/Gear Charitable Trust

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

Duration: Three years, full-time – contract renewal subject to performance and funding

Closing date: 11 February 2019


Short description: An exciting opportunity has come up to help advance our knowledge of New Zealand penguins and improve their conservation status. We are looking for a coordinator to assist our research team in organizing and conducting research activities, liaise with community groups and conservation volunteers to work towards a unified approach to penguin monitoring, and assist with the implementation of monitoring and conservation activities.

We are looking for someone with experience with field-based research, experience in scientific and popular writing, excellent people skills, an interest in community engagement, and proven achievements in the delivery of programmes and projects. Candidates will have to be comfortable with field work in remote areas, communication with a range of people both in rural and urban areas and need to demonstrate their ability and passion for wildlife and people.

The Penguin Research & Conservation Coordinator will work closely with and under direction of the Penguin Scientist towards the completion of several identified research and conservation milestones. The initial focus will be on two of the three penguin species that live and breed on the New Zealand mainland, Kororā/Little penguins and Tawaki/Fiordland penguins. However, the long-term goal is to improve understanding of all penguin species native to New Zealand so that opportunities to expand activities beyond the New Zealand mainland are likely to arise.

Skills and experience: A scientific background is essential (Bachelor or MSc in Biological Sciences preferred) as is the ability to build excellent relationships with researchers, the New Zealand Department of Conservation, local communities, stakeholders and conservation organisations. Excellent communication and writing skills are key for successful fulfilment of this role. Previous experience with the coordination of projects, volunteers and community groups is important. Similarly, field work experience – ideally with penguins or other seabirds – will be a major advantage when applying for this role.

We would like to hear from you if you think that your skill-sets match this position!

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