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Allopreening at sea

Eric Woehler, January 3, 2019

Hello everyone, I am looking for any observations of allopreening by seabirds (particularly albatrosses) at sea, away from colonies and nests.

I would appreciate any observations if you have them and are willing to share them for a short note.

All obs will be acknowledged with gratitude. Best wishes to all for 2019, and see you all in Hobart next year for WSC3!

Best Eric

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Sarah Gutowsky

Hi Eric, I've observed this in great albatrosses in a number of locations and it has struck me as very interesting behaviour on all occasions. Two particular events stick out: 1. Between the Auckland Islands and Macquarie Island in January 2018, I observed two Southern Royals seemingly flying together in quite rough conditions. Regardless of the sea state, they landed together and proceeded to allopreen while bobbing amongst breaking waves. 2. Between South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula just this past December 2018, again I observed what appeared to be a pair of Wanderers flying together, then land together and proceed to allopreen. I hope these observations are useful. I'd be happy to add more detail if necessary. Best, Sarah