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Conservation Fieldwork position - Ascension Island

Grant RW Humphries, December 7, 2017

Hey all,

Cool opportunity to work on Ascension Island!


Seabird Monitoring and Research

  • Regular visits to seabird monitoring sites for data collection (measures of colony size, distribution and productivity) as identified in the Biodiversity Action Plan.
  • Input of data into the seabird database(s).
  • Working with the Seabird Conservation Scientist to update the domestic cat database and remaining vigilant to ensure that Ascension Island remains free from feral cats.
  • Working with the Seabird Conservation Scientist to research the influences of rats on the seabird populations and to develop a strategy for targeted control.
  • Work with project partners, including the Army Ornithological Society and RSPB, and provide research updates and reports as necessary.
  • Assist with seabird rehabilitation when required.
  • Maintenance of equipment used in the seabird programme.

Check out this website for details: