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7 months volunteer Field biologist in tropical Pacific Island

David Beaune, August 26, 2017

The Ornithological Society of Polynesia ‘Manu’ is seeking two volunteer field biologists to take part of their conservation programs in remote tropical islands. Manu is an NGO and the local representative of Birdlife International, working on bird conservation, habitat and biodiversity protection in the Pacific. Position is to study and take conservation actions for critically endangered birds in two isolated islands (1 Tuamotu atoll with <300 people & 1 steep Marquesan volcanic island with <600). Tasks include: rat and feral cat control, bird population census & public awareness.

Duration: 7 months. Starting early 2018.

Benefits: Unpaid position. But food and accommodation fully covered, European insurance provided (Cigna) +115€/month. Participation for the flight ticket (1300€).

Requirements: Experience in tropical field biology and ready for adventure in harsh conditions for a relatively long time in isolated area (no plane). Autonomy, rigor, open mind, sociable. Language: French OR/& English.

To apply you MUST be an EU citizen (UK not applicable) but not French (exchange program), age: <30.

To apply: Send email with your age and citizenship, CV and a short cover letter to &