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#WorldSeabirdDay memorializes the extinction of a charismatic marine bird

Sjúrður Hammer, July 1, 2017

Press release [July 3rd, 2017] –

The World Seabird Union, an organization comprised of the world’s seabird societies (, is pleased to announce the first annual World Seabird Day on July 3rd, 2017. The last known sighting of the Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) was on July 3rd, 1844, and seabird scientists, managers and enthusiasts from around the world will be commemorating this date.

Seabirds are ‘canaries in the coal mine’ for ocean health and the World Seabird Union aims to highlight the threats and challenges they face.

On #WorldSeabirdDay, seabird scientists on social media (Twitter and Facebook) will celebrate diverse seabird conservation efforts with people from all over the world! The World Seabird Union invites everyone to share the hashtag #WorldSeabirdDay to spread the word about common threats to seabirds, and fun and easy ways to help seabird conservation.

What can you do? Ten fantastic suggestions for #WorldSeabirdDay tweets are as follows:

  1. Donate money to your favourite seabird charity and share a link for others to donate.
  2. Film yourself picking up plastic off the beach.
  3. Visit your local seabird colony or share pictures of yourself at a seabird colony.
  4. Share a short video imitating a seabird call.
  5. Post seabird artwork from your students, your children, or yourself.
  6. Post an interesting story you have about seabirds.
  7. Count some seabirds at a nearby colony and post the results online.
  8. Blog about your worst / best seabird experience.
  9. Share a picture of your favourite species.
  10. Share a picture covered with seabird poop.

(and please join our thunderclap campaign by clicking here )

#WorldSeabirdDay will feature several subject hashtags that you can follow and contribute to, such as: #ClimateChange, #PlasticPollution, #OverFishing, #InvasiveSpecies and #ByCatch.

The World Seabird Union can be followed on Twitter (@Seabirders) or on Facebook ( Follow the hashtag #WorldSeabirdDay, on July 3rd, 2017, all day long in your time zone.