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Upcoming meeting on illegal fishing

Grant RW Humphries, January 12, 2017

Globalization of Fisheries: The Prevalence, Actors, Ecological Impacts and Regulation of Illegal Fishing

posting on behalf of Kees Camphuysen

February 3-5, 2017

Royal NIOZ, Landsdiep 4, ‘t Horntje, Texel, The Netherlands

As the world’s fisheries catch continues to stagnate, despite increased effort, serious concerns about the prevalence and impact of illegal, unregulated, and underreported (IUU) fishing are being raised by scientists, practitioners, and policy makers alike. There is increasing international pressure to better understand this phenomenon and devise practical solutions to protect the sustainability of fisheries.

With this in mind, NIOZ and the NSCR have organized a unique and interdisciplinary group of speakers to discuss the problem of IUU fishing from a variety of viewpoints. Our objective is to identify mutually beneficial ways to link science with policy and practice to improve fisheries management where needed.

From fisheries science, we are pleased to announce keynote lectures from Prof Daniel Pauly, Principal Investigator of the Sea Around Us Project, and Manuel Barange, Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy Division, United Nations FAO.

We are also pleased to announce keynote lectures from criminologists Prof Ronald Clarke, Rutgers University, and Prof Wim Huisman, VU University of Amsterdam.

In addition to keynote lectures, the plenary program will include talks from prominent non-governmental organizations leading the charge against illegal fishing. Most notably Oceana, Greenpeace, Birdlife International, and the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Finally, we are happy to have high level representation from policy, regulation, and enforcement bodies such as the Long Distance Advisory Council, Netherlands North Sea Prosecutors Office, and US Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The full program can be seen in the attached document or on the conference website.

Registration for the conference will be open until February 1, 2017. The registration fee of 150 EUR covers all conference materials, as well as lunch and dinner on February 3 and 4. Some speakers slots are still available, and we would welcome abstracts for consideration.

We hope to see you at the conference and welcome your participation in the plenary discussions.

Kees Camphuysen (NIOZ) and Andrew Lemieux (NSCR)
Organizing Committee