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Kinship conservation fellows

Grant RW Humphries, January 6, 2017

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Kinship Conservation Fellows 2017

Application Deadline:

16 Jan 2017
Maximum Funding Level:
USD 6,000
Kinship Conservation Fellows is a groundbreaking environmental leadership program that emphasizes market-based solutions to environmental problems. Kinship's dynamic global network of 246 Fellows in 51 countries is collaborative, entrepreneurial, and dedicated to effective conservation.

Kinship Foundation has opened applications for its 2017 cohort of Kinship Conservation Fellows. Eighteen applicants will be selected as Fellows, awarded a $6,000 stipend and lodging for the month-long program, and gain membership into a global community of environmental leaders.

Kinship Conservation Fellows is an innovative environmental leadership program that offers intensive, in-residence instruction in implementing conservation projects using market-based mechanisms. During their month at Kinship, Fellows look beyond their technical and scientific capacities to understand the economic and business contexts influencing conservation worldwide. To date, 246 Fellows in 51 countries have been selected as Kinship Fellows.

The month-long program is delivered by a faculty of global experts who work closely with each carefully selected cohort of Fellows to explore fresh ways to apply market-based approaches to environmental concerns. Kinship's curriculum uses a case study approach where participants directly experience and evaluate market-driven conservation practices through interactive discussions, system-thinking exercises, and peer-learning sessions covering leadership, communication, business and finance principles, and impact measurement.

The 2017 program is based in Bellingham, Washington, and runs from June 25 to July 26, 2017. To qualify, applicants must be mid-career conservation practitioners who have at least five years of experience, are familiar with market-based mechanisms, and demonstrate leadership, innovative thinking, and mission-driven achievements. Each Fellow receives a $6,000 stipend and lodging for the month.


Established in 2001, Kinship’s mission is to develop a community of leaders dedicated to collaborative approaches to environmental issues with an emphasis on market-based principles. For more information about Kinship Conservation Fellows, visit