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Grant RW Humphries, August 19, 2016

Hi everyone!

It's with great joy that I announce the grand unveiling of our open access decision support tool: MAPPPD!

MAPPPD was designed to help managers in the Antarctic by keeping them fully apprised of the most recent and publicly accessible raw count data for Antarctic penguins (Adelie, Gentoo, Chinstrap and Emperor). This includes all of the data collected annually by the Antarctic Site Inventory.

Further to this, MAPPPD is enhanced by two bayesian models:
1) A population dynamics model for Adelie penguins over the entire continent (will be expanded to include Gentoo and Chinstrap in the future).
2) An occupancy model for all flying birds on the Antarctic peninsula giving probability of presence or breeding at over 180 sites.

The data are completely OPEN ACCESS and you can download your queries as raw data.

MAPPPD will continue to evolve and change over the next many years with new models to be added as well as model assessments. We are working on a white paper which will be available as soon as it is published.

Check it out HERE