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Support needed for crowdfunding project on Lesser Noddies

Steve Oswald, July 23, 2016

Lesser Noddies (Anous tenuirostris) are one of the least understood and most charismatic tern species. They nest in trees (mangroves) and only breed in the Mauritius, British Indian Ocean Territory and Western Australia. Chris Surman has been studying these birds for over 20 years to understand their unique ecology. With micro-GPS loggers finally available for birds weighing <100g, Chris hopes to find out where these birds are feeding to understand their vulnerability in the context of widespread changes in their marine environment.

These devices are not cheap but are likely to produce fascinating results. Chris has put together a crowd-funding project and he's almost at his goal - please consider helping him reach his goal by August 8th.

Project site:

Let's learn more about this intriguing species!