Recent activity - Update: now with diel dry/wet state analysis

Thomas Mattern, June 6, 2016

Hi all.

Some of you may have heard of and even used - an online tool to analyse large datasets collected with GLS immersion loggers.

We have just released an update which performs diel analysis of dry/wet state, a feature that has been requested by several users.

For each day of deployment, now determines the total time of the dry and wet states in the four main diel phases, i.e. night, dawn (beginning of nautical twilight to sunrise), day, and dusk (sunset to end of nautical twilight.

If you already have processed GLS immersion data in, you will need to re-upload your raw data files again and re-run the analysis.

If you encounter any bugs or run into problems don't hesitate to drop us a line at

Cheers, Thomas