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WSTC2 - sign up to the THUNDERCLAP to help us trend!

Katharine Keogan, April 8, 2016

Hi Seabirders,

All is looking good for WSTC2, but we need your help to help it reach further afield! For one last big heads up about the conference online, and to ensure that we get #WSTC2 trending across the world, we ask that you help us by signing up to the Thunderclap, which will launch at 10am next Wednesday 13th April NZST.

Sign up using the link below:

At the launch time, the Thunderclap will post an infographic to the Twitter/Facebook page of everyone who has signed up inviting people to follow the hashtag and get in on the action (you can check the format through the above link). As of right now, we don't have enough people signed up for it to launch, but we're nearly there! Launching the Thunderclap promises to reach out to almost 400,000 people. Help us reach the target and spread the word!

Cheers, The Twitter Conference Team