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Seabird tech jobs - Alaska

Grant RW Humphries, December 12, 2015

The Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is hiring! The Refuge biology program is looking for 10-15 Biological Science Technicians this coming summer to assist with our long-term seabird monitoring program.

Technicians will be collecting data on breeding chronology, reproductive success, population changes, adult survival, and food habits of up to 15 species of seabirds (including storm-petrels, cormorants, kittiwakes, murres, pigeon guillemots, auklets, and puffins). We will be placing crews on some amazing islands including Aiktak, Buldir, Chowiet, East Amatuli, St. George, St. Lazaria, and St. Paul.

Best qualified applicants will possess (or be working toward) a degree in wildlife biology or related field and have prior field experience. All applicants should be in excellent physical condition and able to live and work happily with a small group of people in an extremely remote and isolated environment. Cold, wet, windy weather and spartan living conditions are the norm. Seabird and boating experience is desirable but not required. Appropriate safety training will be provided.

Technicians will be hired at the GS-4, 5, 6, and 7 levels. Vacancy announcements are currently posted on the USAjobs website: (GS-04) (GS-05) (GS-06/07)

You must apply to the announcement by December 23, 2015 to be considered for these positions. If you have trouble finding the job announcements please contact us and we can email you the announcement information.

Only applicants available for the entire period (late-April to late-September) should apply, as transport to and from the islands is restricted.

You must be a U.S. citizen or national (resident of American Samoa or Swains Island) to apply.

You must include transcripts with your application package because these positions have educational requirements that need to be verified.

It is helpful to send along a cover letter with your transcripts outlining which classes you are using to claim the educational requirements since it is not always obvious from class names.