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Meet the Masters series ending - Thanks!

Amanda Gladics, October 14, 2015

Hi All,

As the Meet the Masters series comes to a close, we are reaching out to the seabird community to thank you for your participation and support of this effort. This volunteer ECS initiative started with a modest goal to provide an opportunity for seabird professionals to meet and interact before the World Seabird Conference, with the potential to enhance follow-up interactions at the conference. Our question and answer format was driven by early career scientists’ interests and our conversations ranged across a variety of research topics, career advice and personal anecdotes. During our live question and answer sessions we were honored to host 12 featured scientists (blue), hailing from nine different countries across six continents. We had 20 early career panelists (orange) from 12 different countries, and six ECS panelists participated in more than one session. We also hosted a discussion on the emerging role of social media in science with four expert panelists. It is really inspiring to see the global nature of the scientific community represented so well among both established seabird researchers and those newer to the field. We are excited to see how these connections made ahead of the conference may enhance early career scientists’ experiences in Cape Town.

Another goal of the series was to make the expertise of the global seabird research community more accessible to people who would not be able to travel to the 2nd World Seabird Conference in Cape Town. Our one hour conversations are much longer than the average YouTube video. However, our seven real-time broadcasts and archived recordings on YouTube had a total of 1749 views from 55 different counties, with nearly 17,000 estimated minutes watched. These recorded conversations will hopefully continue to be a resource in years to come, and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Please see below for links to all of the archived recordings, and be sure to check some out before you leave for Cape Town!

We want to thank everyone who has participated in the series as a featured scientist, ECS panelist, viewer, or submitted a question via email or social media. As we wrap up this series and think about potential future iterations, we will be asking for more formal feedback. Please look for a short survey in the weeks following WSC2. If you have specific suggestions for future iterations of this series or are interested in getting involved, please email us directly at and

Thanks again, Amanda Gladics and Sjurdur Hammer

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