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Meet the Masters 5: Bugoni & Wanless 17 Sept 2015 1500 GMT

Amanda Gladics, September 17, 2015

Hello Seabirders,

Tune in to watch Leandro Bugoni and Ross Wanless chat with early career seabird scientists about their work in southern hemisphere seabird research and conservation. Add your questions to the conversation by tweeting using the hashtag #MTMSC during the broadcast, or emailing me directly before we go live. I can be reached at

Thanks, Amanda

MTMSC 5: Southern Exposure - Perspectives from the South Atlantic

Leandro Bugoni

Dr. Bugoni is a professor of Ecology at the Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil and serves as the leader of the Aquatic Birds and Marine Turtles Lab. He earned his Ph.D in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Glasgow, under the guidance of Prof. Bob Furness. His research interests range across diverse topics and taxa. Bugoni works to understand movement and trophic ecology, reproductive biology and habitat connectivity of marine and aquatic birds at field sites in the coastal plains of southern Brazil and on a number of Brazilian oceanic islands. His work on marine turtles includes research into age and growth, foraging, strandings and bycatch in fisheries.

Ross Wanless

Dr. Wanless is Seabird Division manager for BirdLife South Africa, the Africa Coordinator for the Global Seabird Programme (BirdLife International), as well as an honorary research associate at Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology. He earned his award-winning PhD studying the impacts of introduced house mice on birds at Gough Island under Prof. Peter Ryan at the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology. Wanless is on the front lines of seabird conservation in the southern hemisphere. His work involves establishing marine Important Bird Areas throughout Africa and associated islands, managing the Albatross Task Force activities (to reduce seabird mortality in fisheries) in South Africa and Namibia, and strengthening seabird conservation measures and implementation in multilateral fisheries organisations, particularly the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission and ICCAT in the Atlantic Ocean.