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Marine debris and Seabirds forum on Twitter, Sat August 22nd, 1700 GMT

Jennifer Provencher, August 21, 2015

SeabirderSaturday will once again have a themed forum discussion. This week Jennifer Provencher will leading the discussion on seabird and marine litter interactions.

To join the discussion, or just learn more about litter and seabirds join us on Twitter at 1700 - 1900 GMT, and follower #SeabirderSaturday and Jennifer at @jenni_pro.

We will be covering all litter interactions seabirds may have including ingestion, entanglement and nest incorporation. The aim of the session is to facilitate discussions, share resources, project ideas, encourage collaborations and potentially identify research topics and partnerships. This is also a primer for our ‘Impacts of Marine Debris‘ session coming up at the 2nd World Seabird Conference in Cape Town in October.

To learn more about what we will be talking about go here: