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Themed #SeabirderSaturday sessions - looking for suggestion for themes and people to chair them

Sjúrður Hammer, May 31, 2015

Those of you who are on twitter may have seen the seabird conversations going on under the hashtag #seabirdersaturday. So far the conversations have been very informal and friendly. We are however now going to try and have themed #seabirdersaturday around research topics of your interest. In order to have this, we will try and organise each theme with a chair. This should ideally be someone with particular interest and knowledge in the topic, which would most likely be the first to receive questions. The chair can potentially also try and reach out to other tweeps which would have interest in the topic, to get a most lively and stimulating conversation as possible. If you have ideas for topics that you would see covered, then please submit in the first field. If you're unable to nominate yourself or anyone else, you can keep this field empty, but the themes where we are able to find chairs reasonably soon will probably get priority.

After we hopefully have received a few submissions, we will get in touch with suggested chairs, to try and find a time which suits. Depending on the number of volunteers we might have these themed session every week or perhaps every second week.

If you click the following link, it will direct you to a google form, where you may submit topics, and if possible point to a suitable chair of that session.