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Birds specificity

Bianca Vieira, May 26, 2015

Hi everyone,

Would like to know if you are aware of any work that have tried to quantify species specificity to an habitat, like an index to say that a seabird is a seabird and not a coastal bird. Any one aware of this kind of work?

Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions.

Best regards, BIanca

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Ben Lascelles

Hi Bianca,

As part of the IUCN Red List assessment BirdLife has coded up all seabirds to the IUCN habitat classifications, as well as defining species as coastal vs pelagic etc.

You can search for individual species here - or send an email to if you're interested in getting data for a number of species



Bianca Vieira

Hi Ben

Thank you for the link. I am looking more for the criteria than the species list. Would you know where I can find the criteria they used to classify each species? Know that the probable answer would be "the criteria is the habitat they occupy" but I want to know how they define that. Is it about the behaviour of breeding, feeding, stopping, resting...? And all of these behaviours or just some of them? If "some", which behaviour would have the priority?

Best Bianca