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Twitter Tagging for Seabirders

Dilek Şahin, March 29, 2015

Hello everyone,

This evening Sjúrður Hammer submitted a very nice blog post about seabirder hashtags on twitter. This post covers the subject very well and it also point the issue with #seabirdersaturday. As this tag is pretty long and easily confused with #seabirdsaturday, Sjúrður mentioned possible replacement with a new one to ensure the correct and efficient usage of the tag. Obviously some people are using #seabirdsaturday instead of the correct one therefore it doesn’t reach its full potential. My personal opinion is to stick with #seabirdersaturday, no matter how long it is. And about the wrong usage, perhaps we can help with correcting when we saw a wrong one.

Other than #seabirdersaturday, the blog examines many other tags commonly used by seabirders. I recommend everyone who are using twitter actively to read the blog so we can agree on some standards in order to achieve the best possible communication among seabirders.

You can find the blog post here:

Thanks, dilek