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Environmental Impact Assessment for shearwaters

Dilek ┼×ahin, December 29, 2014

Hi all,

In Istanbul (Turkey), government is building the third international airpot. This construction is taking part in the north-west part of Istanbul (the Black Sea coast). In this area we are observing large groups of yelkouans very close to the coast. For the impact assessment study, one of the companies that is taking part in this project want to study yelkouan shearwaters. They would like to look for potential breeding sites around the project area (we don't know if there is any) thus they would like to tag yelkouans with satellite transmitters. I told them that catching shearwaters at sea might be strenuous. Also we are not sure that whether these birds are local or coming from very far colonies to forage. To me it's more convenient to examine the coast rather than tagging the birds for breeding sites.

Turkey doesn't have any action plan for this species and also as far as I know, we haven't conducted an impact assessment study for shearwaters. Does anyone have experience or idea how it would be done for an airport very close to the coast. Also any discussion on colony research and catching yelkouans at sea -if it's feasible or not- would be helpful.



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Bianca Vieira

Hi Dilek,

I would look for studies on the impact of airports on shorebirds and the impact of offshore wind farms on seabirds to have an idea of what is verified in these cases.

And about the trapping method, try this simple one that Leandro used with seabirds from vessels:}

Regards, Bianca