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Help to discovery breeding yelkouan shearwater colonies in Turkey

Dilek Şahin, December 19, 2014

Dear seabirders,

As most of you probably know, Yelkouan shearwater is an endemic and threatened Mediterranean species. In Turkey, we are counting up to 22 thousand individuals in an hour in its peak season but its breeding status remains mystery. This is simply because there has been no effort put in this research so far.

With a small team of volunteers, we have been locating potential breeding sites in Turkey for the last 2 years and this breeding season, we are aiming to visit these sites in order to look for any sign of breeding shearwaters. For this project we started a small campaign to get the most basic equipment for fieldwork. We couldn't reach our goal yet and this is our last week. We would be appreciated if you can help us in any way; by sharing our campaign page, by donating an equipment or by contributing.

More info can be found on the campaign page:

Thank you,


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Steffen Oppel

Steffen Oppel

Hi Dilek,

we met at the conference in Istanbul last May, and we could potentially give you a few sound recorders. How are you planning on 'surveying' the potential sites? I gave Sureyya a sound recorder this past year, and we could plausibly re-route some from Balearic to Yelkouan shearwater - when and how many would you need?

cheers, steffen

Dilek Şahin

Dilek Şahin

Hi Steffen,

This sounds great -thank you! My plan is to spend at least few nights at all potential islands. During the night I will listen out for any shearwater sound and during the day I will be inspecting the island walls. In some places, I will be working on a small archipelago; few islands together and to move from one to the other is problematic. In such places I can place sound recorders in order to increase the effort. I have one recorder already but a few more would definitely ease my job. I guess a total of 3-4 recorders would be enough.

I am going to start on January 6th and finish on February 9th.