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Seeking nominations for WSC2 "Meet the Masters" pre-conference series

Amanda Gladics, November 19, 2014

The early career scientist (ESC) committee for the 2nd World Seabird Conference (WSC) is seeking nominations of senior scientists who will be featured participants in a pre-conference video conference series, “Meet the Masters”. One of the major legacy initiatives of the 2nd WSC is to increase support for ECSs and interactions between senior seabird researchers and their early career counterparts. These video conference question and answer sessions will be focused around the major themes of the conference and will allow for informal discussion of emerging issues and critical new research directions among senior researchers and those in the early years of their career. These discussions will serve to increase the scope of ECS’s professional network among their peers and to tap into the experience and expertise of their more senior colleagues. In an effort to recruit seabird “masters” with diverse representation of geographic regions and research interests, the ECS committee is reaching out to the seabird community to help us identify experts to recruit for these discussion sessions.

Tell us which expert you would want to meet in a small, intimate Q&A video interview. Nominations can be submitted here, or by emailing The final format is still under development, but seabird experts will likely be asked to participate in a 30-40 minute recorded interview at their convenience, and an optional 1 hour online live chat in the months leading up to WSC 2.

Please submit your nominations by January 15th for full consideration.