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“Ecosystemic Seabird/Fishery interactions in West African Waters”. Symposium participants requested

Jacob Gonzalez-Solis, November 2, 2014

We are looking for contributors for a session titled “Ecosystemic Seabird/Fishery interactions” for the first International conference “Ecosystem Approach to the Management of Fisheries and the Marine Environment in West African Waters (AWA)”, to be held 9th-11th December 2014 in Dakar, Senegal.

Co-Conveners: Jacob González-Solís (University of Barcelona, Spain) and Ross Wanless (University of Cape Town, South Africa).

The Canary Current is one of the most important upwelling systems in the world, holding both large populations of seabirds but also a large fleet of artisanal and industrial fisheries operating under variable but generally weak regulation and control. Many of the major gear types (demersal trawl and longline) are known to be extremely problematic for similar seabird assemblages elsewhere. The area is the major feeding ground for Macaronesian shearwaters in summer, but it is particularly important as a stopover and wintering area for many European seabirds, pointing out the need to establish transnational policies and international agreements to guarantee the conservation of seabirds over the entire annual cycle. Despite the importance of this huge area, little is known about the distribution and abundance of seabirds and their overlap with fisheries, seabird bycatch, explotation of fisheries by seabirds or competition between seabirds and fisheries for the same resources. This session will update the current information on these topics, consider major gaps of knowledge and provide a platform for collaborative, coordinated research into seabird-fishery interactions in the Canary Current.

Please submit your abstract (free style maximum 300 words) of your communication (15-20 min slots) or poster presentation no later 17th November 2014, to the Scientific Committee of the Conference via the following e-mail with copy to,, and You will receive a notification within fifteen days after the submission of yours abstract.

Online registration should be made at the SRFC’s website: no later than 28th November 2014. Additional information on the Conference can be found on the website of both the AWA project and SFRC

Please forward the announcement to colleagues who you think may be interested in this session.

If you have questions or suggestions please let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jacob and Ross