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Hans-Ulrich Peter, September 24, 2014

Dear all,

We are looking for potential contributors for a short session titled "Skuas/jaegers, travelers between the poles " for the 2nd World Seabird Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, October 2015.

We aim to have contributions covering a broad range of new results about this species group.

If interested in participating, please send the co-conveners a title of your proposed presentation within the next days (by 28 September).

Rob van Bemmelen, IMARES, IJmuiden, The Netherlands, Hans-Ulrich Peter, Jena University, Polar & Bird Ecology Group,

If you have questions or suggestions please let us know.
Sincerely, Rob and Hans

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Sjurdur Hammer

Sjurdur Hammer

Hi Rob and Hans,

I am currently working on great skuas in the Faroes, but migration features only very slightly as a part of my thesis. I have not done any logger study, but I have colour ringed a significant number of breeding adults and chicks, but this has given a very low yield.

But I can also see that this is much too late to make any contribution, but I would just like to say that I will certainly like to attend your session during the conference