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2nd PSG: Call for Symposia, Special Paper Sessions, and Plenary Speakers

Grant RW Humphries, August 12, 2014

Less than a week to propose Special Paper Session or Symposium or Plenary Speakers for the 42nd PSG Annual Meeting in San Jose, California (Feb 18-21, 2015).

The Program Chair (Kathy Kuletz) is soliciting proposals, due August 15. If you are interested in organizing or co-organizing a Special Paper Session or Symposium, see the information below or go to the PSG web site.

Its OK if you don’t have all of the symposium participants confirmed in August. Do your best to complete the form and contact me if you wish to discuss further. A short description will be required if it is accepted. Sessions open to all members will be announced during the call for abstracts.

DETAILS: Proposing a Special Paper Session or Symposium:

Requesting Funds:

Reminder: Sessions are a coherent set of papers not designed to be published. The session could involve 6-18 speakers, scheduled for half or full day of the conference. They can include a series of relevant studies with an overview presentation to bring together experts in a particular field, or comprised of mainly student papers on a specific topic to highlight student research.

A Symposium is a coherent set of papers designed to be published, thus everyone contributing to the Symposium also needs to prepare for publication afterwards. Symposiums have a synthetic overview or broad topical coverage, and typically have invited speakers to advance a particular topic.

Guidelines for preparing proposals for Symposia and Special Paper Sessions (outline below; please see PSG web site for details, or contact Kathy Kuletz, Program Chair).

Requests should not exceed 4 pages single-spaced.

NOTE: A separate proposal is required for requesting funds for publication.

Title: List the title of the session.

Type of session: Symposium, Special Paper Session, plenary, other.

Session coordinator and affiliation: provide all contact information. Is the coordinator a member of PSG?

Has this person convened a similar session in the past? (where, when, topic).

Was this session published?
Is the coordinator or another participant willing to serve in an Associate Editor role if requested ?

List of participants: Please list all participants (authors and co-authors), if known

Title of papers: List all known titles. If titles are not available list subject matter of the presentation.

Significance of the session and papers within it: How might this session best be described?

Publication Plan: Is the session targeted for publication? What journal, and have they been contacted? Is there an anticipated publication date? Part of a regular issue or as a separate issue?

Outside (i.e., not from PSG) funding sources for publication, or funds requested from PSG.