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Automatic analysis of ornithological radar data

Benoit Gineste, July 16, 2014

Hi all of you,

For my PhD, I am working with an ornithological radar (in vertical mode) in order to measure when, where and how fly nocturnal seabirds across Reunion Island at land. the aim is to evaluate the potential impact of human infrastructures.

I have already got a lot of data (pictures saved on a computer) where birds passing through the radar let an echo on the picture.

I would like to know if someone use this kind of tool and if there is a antomatic way to exctrat all the datas : hours, number of bird (and not number of echos - one bird could let 10/20 echos during its fly across the radar beam), and also altitude fly for each birds.

Thank you very much for sharing information.

Best regards.


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Ravichandra Mondreti

Hi Benoit,

radR is a comprehensive tool which can be used for acquisition, storage and analysis of movement of birds, bats and insects. If you are bit of a programmer than you can write you own user-defined functions in the “R” statistical programming language.

The following is the link to software tool:

The following is the paper describing about the tool:

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Ravi.

Nuno Oliveira

Nuno Oliveira

Hi Benoit,

Strix developed a study together with SPEA (Portuguese BirdLife partner) using RADAR to monitor breeding seabird activity on Corvo Island, Azores. This work was put in place in 2010. Strix team has huge experience using RADAR to monitor birds, mainly monitoring the impact of terrestrial windmill farms on birds of prey. Pehaps you could try to contact directly Alexandre Leitão [alexandrehespanholat]

Hope this helps, Cheers Nuno

Benoit Gineste

Benoit Gineste

Hi Ravichandra and Nuno,

Thank you for your quick answer. I continue to dig on it. Cheers benoit