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CALL FOR SUPPORT TO THE SYMPOSIUM "Individual consistency in foraging and migration strategies"

Jacob Gonzalez-Solis, May 5, 2014

CALL FOR SUPPORT TO A SYMPOSIUM entitled Individual consistency in foraging and migration strategies: ecological, evolutionary and conservation implications

If you plan to attend the 2nd World Seabird Conference in South Africa in 2015, would you be interested in attending a symposium focused on the causes and consequences of individual consistency in foraging and migrating strategies? If so, please could you send me an email expressing your interest?

If you may also be interested in submitting and abstract for a talk on this topic, please could you send me a tentative title or specific subject you would like to address in your talk within the next days (please, no later than the 12th May!).

Below the justification and description of the symposium:

Individually-based tracking during multiple seasons or years has opened up the possibility to explore the variability in individual foraging and migratory behaviour. After years of seabird tracking using PTTs, GPSs, geolocators, activity sensors, accelerometers, TDRs, stable isotopes, etc., many of us found that most variability in these behaviours is often among rather than within individuals. Assessing individual consistency in foraging and migration strategies is essential to understand its genetic basis; the relevance of specialization; the plasticity in response to environmental changes; the significance of learning in revealing mechanisms of avian navigation; the strength of migratory connectivity, seasonal interactions and carryover effects, etc. Last but not least, it is also essential to understand the stability and connectivity of feeding grounds and to evaluate the effectiveness of our usually static definition of marine protected areas. Yet, relationships between individual consistency and most of these aspects remain largely unknown. Since individual consistency is likely to be responsible for a large amount of variation in several components of the individual fitness, determining its importance is also critical for understanding population dynamics and implementing conservation and management strategies. In this symposium, a series of talks will provide an overview of state-of-the-art in the causes and consequences of individual consistency in foraging and migrating strategies. We will organize a theme section in Marine Ecology Progress Series to publish the most outstanding contributions.

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