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Global wave data for spatial analysis

Grant RW Humphries, October 26, 2013

Hey everyone,

If you're looking for some good global monthly grids of wave height, check out GlobWave

Or, if you want wind data, ECMWF

Both data sources are hugely comprehensive with good documentation, AND open access.

All you need is some patience and familiarity with handling .nc files and some python skills are helpful for batch downloads.

Cheers! G

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Edward Abraham

Edward Abraham

Thanks Grant, we are looking at doing some spatial modelling of fisheries observer data, where they have counted the black petrel associated with fishing vessels. The pointer to the wind and wave data is timely.

The wave data look complex ... I would be interested to know how you have used them. Was it for a general climatology (regional waviness) or have you been extracting the swell at specific points in space and time?

Grant RW Humphries

Grant RW Humphries

Hey Ed, that's great - let me know if you want a script to batch download data from ECMWF - I've already got a little python script put together that I'd be happy to share.

Cheers G