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Ecology video game?

Grant RW Humphries, October 8, 2013

I'm actually passing this on from Ecolog

Quote: "

I need your help in testing and spreading the word about my new project. My side project company, Budding Biologist, recently received an NSF SBIR (small business and innovative research) grant to design and program an ecology themed video game for elementary schoolers. We have teamed up with ecologists at UC-Davis and are designing the game based on Louie Yang's work in microislands in the Bahamas. However, we need your help with some beta testing and implementation of the game, as well as receiving support to help us win the next round of NSF funding.

This type of NSF grant requires that we raise money on our own to bridge a funding gap and show NSF that we have support for our project. We could have gone to a big corporation to get the money, but instead we wanted to do a grass roots campaign on Kickstarter to show NSF that there is a need and there is support for science education in elementary schools.

What you can do: 1. Visit our Kickstarter page and watch our video: 2. Spread the word to scientists, educators and parents who can get involved. 3. Participate in the Kickstarter, if you can, to show NSF that we have backing and support. 4. Email me back to be included in an email list so that we can call on you when we have questions about game design or need beta testers for the game. We want the game to feel real and be scientifically accurate and I know that you all will be the best audience to tell us if it feels right.

Please email me with any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Kind Regards, Kristine Duehl, PhD Owner/Partner Budding Biologist 919-621-5725 Opening young minds to science!


Hope you guys check this out!

I'd like to see a SimCity type video game where you have to manage ecosystem services around animals and such! (having to limit poaching, pollution, etc.. while keeping your economy strong).

Cheers! Grant

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Sjurdur Hammer

Sjurdur Hammer

there's a really cool immunology inspired game named plague inc. I say cool, but it's quite macabre as the aim of the game is to wipe out humanity. An ecology game where long term sustainability would be the goal would be pretty cool, but it would quickly get boring if it was too easy. But there are obviously several things that would "disturb" an otherwise stable ecosystem. I think an "ecology simcity" would be even cooler if there was an evolution element to it! And also everchanging environmental parameters.