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Open Access protocol exchange!

Grant RW Humphries, September 28, 2013

Hey everyone

I've just recently come across this website, offered up through Nature:

Protocol Exchange

It is a website that was build to publish your protocols in for field, lab, or even analysis work.

I took a brief glance through it, and there isn't a whole lot that exists for Ecology, and I don't think there was anything there for seabirds (i.e. burrow estimates, at-sea surveys, etc...)

So - please contribute! And if you do, please post your contributions here as well.

Cheers Grant

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Maggie Watson

Maggie Watson

Have you tried ? This is a great place to publish protocols...

Grant RW Humphries

Grant RW Humphries

Oh cool - I had not seen that Maggie, thanks for pointing it out. I've shared it on the fb site :) Will glance through it for some stuff as well

Cheers G